HC-DT56 Low Strain Pile Integrity Tester is used for the detection of integrity and identify the extend and location of the defect of piles in the structure, such as those supporting existing bridges, towers or buildings.

HC-DT56 performs wave equation-based non-destructive foundation investigations known as Low Strain Impact Integrity Tests or Low Strain Dynamic Tests. These tests may be performed by the Pulse (or Sonic) Echo or Transient Response Methods. With HC-DT56, any form of the test is performed fast, potentially making it possible to test every pile on a job site.


JJG930-1998, JGJ 106-2014, JTG/T F81-01-2004, TB 10218-2008, SJG 09-2015, DGJ08-218-2003, JJG 930-1998, JJG 0003-1996, JG/T 3055-1999, DBJ 15-60-2008 etc.



10-inch sun light readable color LCD touch screen that is highly visible in all lighting conditions.

Zoom function, only one curve is displayed on the entire plane, clearly showing the waveform details

On-site labeling function, real-time labeling of defects and other information during the testing, facilitating data analysis later

Quickly find the bottom of the pile, adjust the position of the waveform by moving the button to the left and right to quickly align the bottom of the waveform with the bottom of the simulated pile, and calculate the wave speed.

Statistical function, can count the pile number, pile length, hammer number, minimum wave speed and other useful information

Performs real-time analysis on site, as well as data transfer with PC reporting software for additional analysis.

Bluetooth data transmission, real-time upload of data through mobile APP

Meets or exceeds the specifications of JGJ 106-2014 and several other standards


CPU:Quad core, 1536MHz

display: 10-inch color LCD touch screen

memory: 32GB

Sampling length: 0~4096

Sampling frequency:  24KHz~144KHz adjustable

A/D sampling accuracy:24bit

Sensor type:  Accelerometer

Sensor sensitivity: 100Mv/g

Sensor range:  ±50g

Sensor gain:1~32 times adjustable

Frequency Range:0.7~10000Hz

Resolution:  0.0002g

Impact resistance: 1000g

Linear:  ≤1%

Lateral sensitivity: ≤3%

Battery:  4050mAh

Working temperature:  -10℃~+50℃

Working humidity:  <90% RH